Farner & Perrin salutes our Texas heritage with a tip of the [cowboy] hat to The Alamo:

We start by recalling that on Feb 23, 1836, General Santa Anna and his army of some 6,000 arrived at San Antonio to put down the frontier rebellion. The Texian rebels withdrew to the safety of the old fortified mission known as the Alamo. Though vastly outnumbered, the Alamo’s 200 defenders – commanded by James Bowie and William Travis and including the famed frontiersman Davy Crockett – held out courageously for 13 days before the Mexican invaders finally overpowered them.

For Texans, the Battle of the Alamo became an enduring symbol of their heroic resistance to oppression and their struggle for independence, which they won later that year.

Remember the Alamo!