Utilizing Positive Psychology in Your Estate Plan

ACTEC Fellows Stacy E. Singer and Ray Odom discuss the role of positive psychology in estate planning. Learn about the importance of effective estate planning communication with family and beneficiaries and how to measure happiness and success.

What to Consider When Setting Up Trusts for Children

What’s the best way to leave assets to minor children.  Should children receive equal assets?  These and other questions are answered by ACTEC Fellows Tami Conetta and Natalie M. Perry.

What is a Prenuptial Agreement?

ACTEC Fellows Anne W. Coventry and Natalie M. Perry discuss premarital agreements in this video. Learn when it’s important to create a premarital agreement and what to consider if you live in a community property state.

What is Community Property?

ACTEC Fellows Michelle B. Graham and Todd J. Schneider explain what community property is, how it affects assets such as a home or a business, what is quasi-community property and more in this short video.

Migrating To and From a Community Property State

ACTEC Fellow Al Golden from Austin, Texas reviews significant changes in marital property rights resulting when moving between community property and common law states.

Divorce and Estate Planning

Going through a divorce can be emotionally and financially stressful. Knowledge is power. Understand what estate planning documents are impacted by a divorce from ACTEC Fellows Richard R. Gans and Diana S.C. Zeydel, experts in the trust and estate field.

5 Reasons to Update Your Estate Plan

ACTEC Fellows Nancy C. Hughes and Natalie M. Perry discuss when to update a will or trust, such as after a move or divorce, when your children grow up or if you have a business.

Estate Planning for a College Student or Young Adult

ACTEC Fellows Jean Gordon Carter and Katherine E. Ramsey discuss what documents you should discuss and prepare for your college-bound and young adult when they turn 18, a legal adult.

How to Talk With Your Parents About Estate Planning

ACTEC Fellows Jean Gordon Carter and Linda Johnson Funke offer practical recommendations for how to have critical conversations with your parents about estate documents and postmortem planning.

Coordinating Beneficiary Designations with the Overall Estate Plan

ACTEC Fellows Frank Adams and Richard Gans discuss coordinating beneficiary designations in assets such as life insurance, annuities, pension plans, 401ks and IRAs in this helpful video.

IRAs and IRA Beneficiaries

IRA beneficiary designations can be confusing. Learn the essentials of naming IRA beneficiaries from trust and estate experts and ACTEC Fellows Stacy E. Singer and Svetlana V. Bekman.

How the SECURE Act May Impact Your Retirement Plan

ACTEC Fellows Steven E. Trytten and Nancy H. Welber help families understand what has changed in retirement planning following the enactment of the SECURE Act.

Special Needs Trusts

ACTEC Fellows Stacy E. Singer and Peter S. Stern discuss the different types of special needs trusts, what to consider to avoid losing public benefits like Medicaid, and other potential pitfalls.

Estate Planning Considerations for Small Business Owners

ACTEC Fellows Michaelle Rafferty and Natalie Perry explain items of importance in small business owners estate plans, such as impact of state laws, multiple beneficiaries, how to plan for estate taxes and more.